Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people
to attain uncommon results.

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​​​​​​ZipLining at Sandy River Outdoor Adventure Park in Farmville Virginia


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     What We Offer

Our staff will work with each group to individually design a special experience tailored to each group's goals.

We can work on goals such as:
     -Support through Teamwork
     -Leadership Development
     -Confidence and Self Esteem
     -Goal Setting
     -Group and Individual Critical Thinking
     -Problem Solving
     -Active Listening
     -Fun and Much MUCH more!
The course is physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging and as such is an instrument designed to help individuals learn how to better use and incorporate caring, helpfulness, understanding, cooperation, communication, and reliability in their lives and into group work.

All of our experiences feature a combination of ground games and initiatives, low ropes challenges and an optional high ropes and zip lining program.  This can include but is not limited to: prop and non-prop activities, such as Tug of War, Balloon Relay Race, Line Up, Pipe Dream, etc ...

Ground Initiatives such as Flying Carpet, Chocolate River, Trolley, Cave In, Islands, Muses Maze, etc...

Low Ropes Challenges such as Spider's Web, Alligator Boards, Wild Woozy, Triangle Tension Traverse, Human Ladder, Mow Hawk Walk, and more.

Here Are Some Examples

We host school groups, sports teams, youth groups, boy and girl scouts, non-profits, summer camps, corporate or offices, training buddies...almost any combination of people imaginable! Below are SOME examples of objectives and goals for specific groups.  Contact us today to begin to plan your groups experience mixing and matching these objectives and creating your own!

Objectives For School Groups (Grades 2nd-12th)  

  1. To develop and increase trust with every student or teacher in the group.
  2. To facilitate and improve goal setting and problem solving by individual students and by the group.
  3. To encourage student groups to identify the value of individual differences.
  4. To encourage safe, appropriate risk taking in a caring environment.
  5. To promote feelings of personal confidence, accomplishment, responsibility, leadership, and self-worth.
  6. To foster mutual support and teamwork within a class or school, and the importance of each member's contributions within that group.
  7. Virginia SOL correlation: PE 3.4, 4.4, 5.5, 6.4, 7.4, 8.5,9.4, 10.4 and English - 3.1, 4.1, 5.2, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2

Objectives for Youth Groups
1. To develop and increase self confidence, self worth, self esteem and self efficacy
     2. To promote feelings of accomplishment and achievement
     3. To foster responsibility, leadership, active listening and corporation as an individual within a team setting
     4. To encourage teamwork, fair play, and equality within a group
     5. To facilitate coming together, critical thinking, and problem solving through respecting and embracing individual differences.

Objectives For Community Groups
1. To develop or increase positive and effective communication within the group.    
     2. To promote an environment where individual differences are the key to problem solving and teamwork.
     3. To develop leadership, active listening, respect and corporation within the group.
     4. To foster support for all members of the group in order to reach the groups goals.
     5. To facilitate appropriate and reasonable goal setting as well as critical thinking and problem solving within the group.

Objectives for Office or Corporate Based Groups

     1. To develop or increase effective communicating within the group.
     2. To develop trust and establish levels of respect within the group.
     3. To promote and encourage leadership, problem solving and critical thinking.
     4. To foster support and encouragement for goal setting and goal reaching.
     5. To facilitate appropriate goal setting and coping with failure
     6. To practice teamwork, communication, corporation, and communication within the group

An experienced facilitator will lead your group through a series of activities that are both physically demanding and mentally/emotionally challenging.

To check on fees and to reserve a date for your group, contact Chiara, our Group and Team Building Manager

Call (434)392-PARK (7275) or email at

Non-Profit Organizations Serving Under served and Special Needs Groups

The Adventure Park partners with local non-profit organizations that serve under served and special needs populations to offer a unique experience to someone that may normally not have the opportunity.  If you represent a charitable organization near us and would like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us.

We take pride in our little area of the forest and demonstrate that through the maintenance of the course area and natural surroundings..Our trees are also inspected annually by independent arborists to ensure their continued health. Our park is annually inspected by an Approved vendor and meets the standards set forth by the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).
The ACCT is recognized as the leading professional resource for those who create safe and effective challenge course programs that facilitate learning and positive change in individuals, groups and communities. Our guides have been professionally trained and verified by a professional vendor of the ACCT for your safety. All staff are CPR/First Aid certified.