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Sandy River Outdoor Adventures 

147 Monroe Church Rd. Rice VA 23966

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Visit the largest Central Virginia Adventure Park, Zipline Virginia

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Call Us: 434 392 7275

Spring & Fall: Fri - Sat - Sun 8:00a.m-5:00 p.m

Summer: Daily 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m

Reservations Recommended. Space is limited.

Team Building & groups can request anytime.

Participants can act individually, overcome their own fears and build self confidence, with the smart self belay system.

This outdoor recreation facility offers a great outdoor activity with physical and mental challenges to "learn through play"

Our staff are all fully trained and First Aid/CPR certified.

We take pride in our little area of the forest and demonstrate that through the maintenance of the course area and natural surroundings..Our trees are also inspected annually by an independent arborist to ensure their continued health. Our park is annually inspected by an Approved vendor and meets the standards set forth by the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

Safety of the participants is the highest priority. Trained staff provide fitted harnesses and adetailed instruction session before starting the course. Participants are provided with the Smart Safe Belay (SSB) that attaches to a belay line with two carabiners that should not be simultaneously opened. The belay line makes it easy for participants to go through the course and the zip lines at their own pace. 

The equipment we provide is considered a permanent belay.  The carabiners are interconnected and should not simultaneously be opened, so one will be locked

​​​​​​ZipLining at Sandy River Outdoor Adventure Park in Farmville Virginia


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onto the belay line, while the other carabiner is unlocked to be able to move forward and lock onto the next obstacle's belay line, and lock into that cable before the back carabiner will unlock.

Safety &